the undergroundwwtp, featuring “eco-friendliness, landintensiveness and resource utilization”, is an upgradedversion of the traditional wwpt. it can effectively save land (covering only 1/3of the area of traditional wwtp) and sewerpipe network investment, and leaves the above-ground space for urban ecological complexes, providing a perfect solution to municipal wastewater treatment system planning andinnovation in the densely populated downtown areas.
1.hbr™ (hybrid bio-reactor) high-efficiency-low-energy-consumption biofilmprocess (non mbr) independently developed by cweg: theeffluent of the underground wwtp achieves surface water quality standard class iv, ensuring effective ecological water replenishmentfor the murky and smelly riversin the city.

2.cweg boasts the most technologicallyadvanced underground wwtp with top 1 treatment capacity worldwideand over 60 core and patented technologies.

3.theunderground wwtp, featuring “eco-friendliness,land intensiveness and resource utilization”, has been widely deployed in places like beijing, shanghai, chengdu, guiyang and fuzhou.

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