1.coming off three years ofsystematic management,the inferior classvwater bodies in the mainstream and tributaries of thenanming river declined to 7%from 51%,the classiv and iii waterbodiesincreased to 31.6% and 35.6%, the waterquality (cod measurement) of the mainstream steadilyachievedsurface water quality standard class iii, and the coverage rate of the aquatic plant was up from 15% toover 73%, making the project a successful example in themanagement of urban black and odorous “mother river” approved by the ministry of finance, ministry ofecology and environment, ministry of housing and urban-rural development.

2.the project saved rmb 1.1 billion of investment in sewer pipe network, 1053 mu of land,rmb 158 million ofwater transfer costs (the high-standardunderground wwtp provided 200 million m3 of reclaimed water for ecologicalreplenishment of watercourses each year) and rmb 30million electricity costs per year, and reduced theconstruction time by 6 months.

3.the guiyang qingshan underground wwtp as a key part of the guiyang nanming river waterenvironmental management ppp project represents the first success of china in producing effluent achievingsurface water qualitystandard classiv and effective ecological water replenishment. the wwtp provides a goodplace for the recreation of people and has been designated as the permanent site for ecoforum global annual conference guiyang.

the nanming river, joined by 5tributaries of 82 km in length, drains a watershed of 6,600 km2 and runs 118.4 km long, including36.4 km of urban section. the guiyang nanming river water environmental management ppp project consists of multiple sub-projects regarding sewage interception and treatment, channel dredging, ecosystem restoration and landscape renovation, involving the construction of 9 high-standard wwtps, upgrading of 6 existing wwtps, and the construction of 100-km-long sewer pipe networks.

1.ding zhongli,vice chairman of the standing committee of the 13th national people""s congress.,

2.chen miner,the then secretary of cpc guizhou provincial committee.,

3.sun zhigang,secretary of the cpc guizhou provincial committee and principal river chief of guizhou province.,

4.the renovated nanming river attracts resident birds.,

5.the the science museum.

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