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construction manager

i job responsibilities

1. project construction management, ensuring project quality, progress and safe construction;

2. participating in preliminary design and project plan review, and finalizing technical disclosure;

3. reviewing the project implementation plan and construction management plan;

4. organizing construction bidding, participating in the procurement of major equipment and bulk materials, and responsible for project contract management;

5. responsible for construction cost management;

6. responsible for collecting payments as scheduled;

7. responsible for project team management;

ii qualifications

1. male, age between 35 and 45, with a bachelor’s degree or above in environment, municipal engineering, construction and other related majors;

2. project construction related qualification certificates;

3. minimum of 10years’ construction management experience; housing building, municipal engineering and company management experience preferred; management experience in multiple project types (such as epc, ppp) preferred;

4. comprehensive knowledge of the water environment industry and construction management;

5. ability to travel frequently and work overtime;

iii workplace:
subject to company arrangement(china);

iv recruiting number: 10

v contact us: tel: 10-56862630

water environment operations manager

i job responsibilities

1. assisting the department head in preparing the overall operational plan;

2. providing guidance on the operation and management of the regional company or the project company;

3. giving suggestions on the staffing of key personnel responsible for project operation during the commissioning and operational periods;

4. assisting the department head in formulating and implementing group operation management systems;

5. proposing rewards or punishments for the operations manager and direct subordinates at the department, regional company or project company;

6. regular and irregular inspection of the project site;

7. other work related to group operations management;

ii qualifications

1. male, with a bachelor’s degree or above in water service, drainage engineering, environmental engineering or management and other related majors;

2. intermediate technical title or above, with training experience in group operations management or business administration;

3. minimum of 8 years’ working experience with water supply companies or sewage treatment companies in prefecture-level cities, and rich& professional management experience;

4. proficiency in tap water and sewage treatment technologies, acquaintance with project operations management and financial affairs, understanding of safety, labor laws and regulations and etc;

5. good organizational, coordination, communication and writing skills;

6. dedication to work, good psychological quality under pressure, team spirit, earnest and serious work attitudes, a strong sense of responsibility;

7. ability to travel frequently;

iii workplace: beijing

iv recruiting number: 1

v contact us: tel: 010-56862630.

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