on january 16, 2022, china water environment group(cweg)2022 annual conference&excellent employee recognition conferencewasheld atcwegheadquartersin beijing. the meeting summarizedthe performance of cwegin the last year, and alsodiscussedcurrent trends, set goals, and defined priorities in 2022.

sdicequity director li wenxin, complantchairman zhang zhaogang, complantgeneral manager du lilong,citic pedirector bai jin,and professor kong hainanfromshanghai jiaotong universitywere invited to the meeting.internally,cwegchairman hou feng,vice presidentschen ming, fang yong, li feng and zhang lujing, and outstanding managers and employees at various levels attended the meeting at the headquarters. associates at35sub-venues and five asset-light platforms participated in the meetingonline.

mainvenueof the2022 cweg annual conference

branch employees attend the conference online

cwegvice presidentchen mingdelivered a keynote speech titled“2021 annual report andpriorities in2022”where chen reviewed the outcomes ofcwegin the last year.“despite all thechallenges, we still made steady progress in operationsmanagement, technological innovation, project construction and operation, brand building, party building, and riskmanagement,”he said. chen also analyzed challenges and opportunities faced bycweg, and defined priorities in 2022.

professor kong hainananalyzed trends inthe water environmentgovernanceindustry, and the prospect ofcwegin technological innovation.cwegadministrative director huang yigangmadetheparty construction work report.

complant chairman zhang zhaogang deliversa speech

in his speech, zhang recognizedthe achievements ofcwegin 2021 and priorities in 2022, and set three expectations forcweg.fist, to forge ahead on the basis of previous achievements.second, to implement the spirit of the2022sdic annual conference according tocweg’s development strategies. third, to continue to lead the industry, implement development strategies in 2022, promote party building, enhance talent development, build ambitions, as well as ensure covid-19 control and work safety, and contribute to anecological civilization, promoting china’s high-quality development.

chairman hou feng makes a speech

chairman hou feng pointed out that relying on cutting-edgetechnologies, competent employees, and business model innovation,cweghad set up five centers, andrealizedthe combination of wwtp construction with river governance, water recycling with land saving, and carbon reduction with energyefficiencyand physicalresourcerecovery.furthermore,cweghad made steady progress in covid-19 control, worksafety, and business expansion as a responsiblecentrally-administeredstate-owned enterprise.he said,“in the face of challenges, uncertainties andeconomicpressure at home andabroad, we must improve the sense of urgency, stick to strategy-oriented reforms and innovation, incorporate party building into operations,prioritizetechnological research, and develop talent through multiple channels.of course, further efforts are required to achieve“three improvements”, andgrowthjointly driven byasset-light and asset-heavymodels.during this process, we mustalwaysstick to principles, and bravely address challenges to pursue excellence.let’s create a chinese brand know for world-class low-carbon water environment governance!”

the meeting commended teams and individualswith outstandingperformance in 2021. hrgeneral manager fang yunchuanannouncedthe decision on recognizing the outstanding teams and individuals of cweg in 2021. shortfilms“viewingwater environmentfrom the perspective of media” and “my multi-talented colleagues and me”were played,which showed a united andaggressivecwegwidelyrecognizedby thesociety.

the journey ahead ischallenging yet 2022,cwegwillcontinue to work towards the“three improvements”, and high-qualitygrowthjointly driven byasset-light and asset-heavymodels, within theframeworkof principles.cwegwillcelebrate the coming20th cpc congresswith more and greater achievements.

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