on september 14, beijing municipal intellectual property office (bmipo) released the list of beijing municipal intellectual property demonstration organizations. cweg has been included in the list for a series of industry-leading ip-backed technological r&d findings, a mature ip management system, and a strong sense of ip strategy.
      cweg has previously been selected by bmipo as a beijing municipal intellectual property pilot organization. therefore, this is the second time that bmipo affirms cweg for its innovation capacity, effective implementation of ip strategy and work plans, and consistency with the outline of the national intellectual property strategy and enterprise intellectual property management standards (gb/t 29490-2013).
      cweg will enhance talent development in technological innovation, and pay more attention to independent technological innovation and ip protection. it has so far filed over 300 patent, software 凯发k8手机娱乐官方网站 copyright and trademark applications, and plans to create a standardized and systematic ip management system to further strengthen the development, application, management and protection of ip assets, and build independent innovation capacity. systematic and standardized management and strategic application of ip assets can help increase cweg’s competitiveness at home and abroad, and promote technological innovation, which are critical for building cweg into a world class water environment governance brand.

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