in july 2020, the international water association (iwa) published the second edition of biological wastewater treatment, after a lapse of 12 years. cweg chairman dr. hou feng was invited to preface the book.
      biological wastewater treatment combines the research results of more than ten professors from all over the world with remarkable contributions to wastewater treatment. first published in 2008, the book is a bestseller of iwa publishing and has been translated into nearly ten languages including spanish, arabic and russian. it’s used as a textbook of wastewater treatment across the world.  
      according to the editorial team, the new edition published 12 years later, which provides world leading research findings and optimum practices, aims to help the young generation of water professionals deal with the increasingly complex wastewater treatment industry, and contribute to global water pollution treatment and water resources utilization.
      cweg is a leader and innovator in china’s underground wwtp industry. cweg chairman dr. hou feng wrote in the preface, “in the decade since the publication of the first edition, the world has registered dramatic technological changes in wastewater treatment. it is a great honor to witness and participate in water ecological restoration and water reclamation, making contribution to a better world water environment as a chinese enterprise.
      nowadays, water reclamation is becoming a global trend in wastewater treatment. china is also exploring a way according to its reality. cweg’s independently developed underground wwtps, which are eco-friendly, resource efficient and ecologically safe, provide a good solution to china’s water environment governance. during the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, underground wwtps effectively blocked the spread of pathogens and improved the water environment, building the last line of safety defense for the surroundings as well as the employees.
      in recent years, cweg has built partnerships with many top research institutions and experts all over the world, for the purpose of creating a comprehensive water environment governance model to address world-wide water and land shortage, and exploring a scientific and effective chinese path towards sustainable water supply, energy efficiency, resource recycling and eco-friendliness.
the preface is attached below:
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