adelegationheadedbyzhongguodong,vicechairmanofstatedevelopment&investmentcorp.,ltd., visitedcwegguizhoudivisionforprojectinspectionandprovidingguidance-凯发k8手机娱乐官方网站

       on april 15, accompanied by cweg vice president zhang lujing and cweg guizhou division general manager gao lin, a delegation led by zhong guodong, member of the leading party members’ group and vice chairman of state development & investment corp., ltd., inspected the nanming river water environment management project and the qingshan underground wwtp. 

  on the afternoon of the same day, cweg convened an on-site meeting to report on the progress of water pollution prevention and control in guiyang. zhong guodong learned about the basic information of cweg guizhou division and gave it credit for its achievements. he also showed concern and appreciation to all employees of guizhou division on behalf of sdic. he pointed out that guizhou division should follow the strategic direction and work arrangement of sdic and cweg according to its actual situation, and proceed with its work in a targeted and focused way. to this end, he suggested that: first, since cweg has great growth potential and strong sustainability, guizhou division should earnestly study and comprehend cweg""s development strategy to gain more momentum for its own growth; second, cweg is seeing huge room for growth and a promising prospect, so guizhou division should coordinate and manage company production, operation and reform in conformity with cweg""s strategy and mission of “building a world-leading water environment management brand of china”, and meanwhile, raise its social responsibility, and turn the government and society’s concern into a development idea then the reality; third, there is no end to management improvement. guizhou division should work to achieve lean management and improve its management ability from all aspects by taking all elements and costs into account; fourth, priority should be given to safety issues, with accordant effective measures taken to raise employees"" safety awareness, promote their study of construction safety law, ensure responsibility fulfillment, control related risks, eliminate hidden dangers, strengthen basic management, and prevent the occurrence of safety incidents; last, employees should be convened to learn relevant national strategies and policies, and make continuous explorations according to the requirements of sdic and cweg, so as to forge ahead with determination. zhong believed that under the leadership of cweg and following sdic’s strategic deployment, guizhou division will grow better and gain more momentum to ensure its staff with create a more promising future.

  later, zhong investigated the background and progress of cweg’s qicai lake project, the qingshan underground wwtp’s operation status, effluent indicators, scope of service and the above-ground flowing water park. he also visited the guiyang water environment science museum located within the water park, to learn about the water ecosystem, water culture, and water environment protection of guiyang.  

cweg convened an on-site meeting

the delegation visited the guiyang water environment science museum

the delegation visited the qingshan underground wwtp 

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