in september 2018, the research project entitled “transformation of key technological achievements of urban underground wwtp” with xin kai water environment investment co., ltd. under cweg as the lead applicant was listed as one of the 2018 beijing high-tech achievement transformation projects and got funded by the beijing municipal science & technology commission. this indicated that the r&d innovation ability and overall strength of cweg in terms of “underground wwtp” were highly recognized by the beijing municipal people’s government . 
  the purpose of this research project was to transform key technological achievements of urban underground wwtp to fill china’s gap in wwtp design optimization, technology selection and engineering application model and broaden the underground wwtp’s scope of application. relevant research achievements have been applied successfully in several underground wwtps at home and abroad, achieving “eco-friendliness, land intensiveness and resource utilization”.
   this project encourages enterprises to actively help with the transformation of high-tech achievements of universities and institutes in beijing, so as to promote the construction of a national sci-tech innovation center and “three big sci-tech cities” in the city. shortlisted enterprises are all leaders in all walks of life, with strong r&d strength and market development ability.
   cweg will beef up technological innovation to accelerate the industrialization of its scientific and technological achievements, making more positive contributions to china""s economic development and environmental protection.

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