above the wwtp stands a chinese-style garden decorated with white walls and black tiles. beneath the bridge, the water is clear and flows steadily. here you may indulge yourself in a sea of flowers, or stroll leisurely along the artificial lake teemed with reeds and lotus flowers, where you can see flocks of resident egrets fly cheerfully over the lake. what a tranquil and vibrant scene that the wwtp bestows on us!
         on the afternoon of aug. 30, a delegation led by cai zongping, director of the management committee of zhangzhou taiwanese investment zone, inspected the shanghai nanxiang underground wwtp.

       after they arrived, the delegation visited the b1 operation layer and b2 treatment layer of the wwtp to check the layout and operation status of treatment facilities, and learn about wastewater and sludge treatment process, noise and odor control, and ecological landscape, etc. they gave unanimous praise to the wwtp for its high-quality effluent, ecological reuse of reclaimed water and ingenious ecological landscape design.

       in a subsequent meeting, cweg vice president shao yanqing introduced in detail the project and its construction highlights and operation status. according to him, the nanxiang underground wwtp is of the highest construction quality in china and meets shanghai’s highest effluent standard. it addresses the increasingly growing drainage needs and is in harmony with natural landscapes, making it a world-class environmental product and the “water business card” of jiading district. then, based on the actual situation of jiaomei town, both sides carried out a vigorous and in-depth discussion on the wastewater treatment process, return mechanism, impact resistance of wastewater treatment equipment, follow-up treatment of sludge, further treatment of odorous gases and reuse of reclaimed water.

      cai zongping said that as the first eco-friendly urban underground wwtp fully complying with the concept of green development in eastern china, the nanxiang underground wwtp effectively resolves the nimby problems and maximizes the use of land resources leveraging on cweg’s strong technology, creating satisfactory environmental and social effects. he urged cweg to actively coordinate with the construction bureau and urban development group in jiaomei town to step up the first-phase jiaomei town wwtp upgrading project by giving full consideration to the need for industrial water treatment. seizing the significant opportunity brought on by jiaomei town’s transformation, cai was confident that cweg can help build a “land-saving and eco-friendly” landmark underground wwtp at a lower cost in jiaomei town relying on jiaomei town’s own advantages, so as to really benefit the local people.

       cweg vice president shao yanqing, cweg fujian division general manager song weiguo and leaders of cweg shanghai jiading division participated in the inspection.

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