on march 22, accompanied by huang wei, director at the major project department of the tianfu new area planning, construction and land resources bureau, a delegation led by wang qiming, deputy director of the standing committee of the cpc shanghai jiading district people""s congress, inspected the tianfu district’s first wwtp & chengdu science city water environment management project. cweg vice president chen ming and east china division investment director shao xuefeng participated in the inspection and introduced the project progress. liu haichen, general manager at a joint venture of chengdu tiantou industial co., ltd., also participated in the inspection. the delegation successively visited the aboveground park, central control room, underground wwtp, zhigu (intelligent valley) greenway, etc., and learned about the implementation of the project in detail through field inspection, on-site inquiry and data search. 

      xu hongbo, manager of the project, briefed the delegation about the wwtp’s operating model, management mechanism and daily maintenance, etc. wang qiming said that he was very glad to see the efforts and achievements made by the wwtp in reducing environmental footprint, saving land and improving resource utilization. 

   chengdu tianfu new area, where the wwtp is located, is experiencing rapid development thanks to its geographical advantages, but it also faces a major conflict between social development and ecological protection. the chengdu science city water environment management project helps solve the conflict in an innovative way. in line with the concepts of “green and sustainable development”, an eco-friendly flowing water park will be built above the wwtp for the purposes of science education and recreation, bringing real “ecological welfare” for the people. implemented in a pragmatic manner, the project not only serves the environment, benefits the people, but also sets an example for similar wwtps in china.

     in february 2018, general secretary xi jinping inspected the tianfu new area, pointing out that “tianfu new area must be planned well and built well, in particular, to highlight the characteristics of the park city.” following xi’s instructions, the chengdu science city project, infused with the concept of “sponge city”, aims to develop a park city and build the 7.6 km section at the upstream of luxi river into the zhigu (intelligent valley) start-up area using ecological technology. once completed, an ecological green corridor stretching for more than 10 km will be formed, helping relieve the ecological pressure brought on by the rapid construction of tianfu new area, improve the water quality of the xinglong lake, and restore “clean water, clear lake, green banks and beautiful scenery” for chengdu science city.  

   after the inspection, a symposium was held between the two sides. cweg vice president chen ming shared the group’s water environment management projects and company planning. wang qiming and huang wei exchanged views on possible problems facing ppp project operation and put forward solutions. wang affirmed the achievements made by cweg in this field, and said this trip to tianfu new area was hugely rewarding. he hoped that all the parties can have further communication and exchange in the future, and said jiading district anticipates more extensive cooperation with cweg.
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