on november 7, cweg chairman hou feng, who was invited as the only enterprise representative and an expert of the sichuan provincial finance department and sichuan environmental protection department, gave a lecture at the sichuan special training meeting on green development as requested by the cpc sichuan provincial committee. the training meeting was sponsored by the organization department of the cpc sichuan provincial committee and organized by the sichuan environmental protection department, attracting over 200 participants, including the heads of departments directly under the provincial government, and leaders and persons in charge of municipal environmental protection departments. yang hongbo, vice governor of sichuan, and li yuedong, deputy director of the sichuan provincial environmental protection department, analyzed the environmental protection situation of sichuan, and raised requirements on green development.
     through analyzing the example of the nanming river water environment management project, cweg chairman hou feng said that the joint efforts of the government, private party and people provide a foundation for a successful ppp project. it is essential to introduce a responsible and professional enterprise as the private partner, who can leverage its core technologies to provide the government with a systematic technical plan for watershed management through scientific and systematic investigations.
     hou feng also introduced cweg’s proprietary technologies including the asia’s leading fifth generation of underground wwtp system, hero ™ (high efficiency removal of odor) composite biological odor removal process, and trend™ normothermic high-efficiency sludge belt drying process. as a professional environmental service platform rooted in sichuan, cweg is willing to provide professional technology, talent and management support for water environment improvement and green development of sichuan known as the “province of rivers”.

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