on october 17, 2017, the china association for engineering construction standardization issued the development and revision plan (the second batch) of national engineering construction standards, formally approving the technical specifications and regulations for underground wwtp  (hereinafter referred to as “the regulations”) chiefly edited by cweg. the regulations is the only underground wwtp standard getting approval of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development.
     from project design, construction, acceptance to operation and maintenance, the regulations will provide systematic technical regulations for the newly built and upgraded underground wwtps in china, helping fill china’s technical gap in this field and promote the widespread application of urban underground wwtp.
     at present, cweg has built more than 20 high-standard underground wwtps with a total capacity of nearly 2 million t/d, making it the largest implementer (both by wwtp number and capacity) of state-of-the-art (both in terms of technology and management) underground wwtp systems in china and even asia. in september this year, the technical guidance for urban underground wwtp engineering (hereinafter referred to as “technical guidance”, which is also the first technical guidance for underground wwtp in china and with cweg as the only editor-in-chief, was approved by china association of environmental protection industry (caepi). the technical guidance, together with the previously mentioned regulations, will further establish cweg""s leading position in the field of underground wwtp.
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