on the morning of oct. 12, 2017, accompanied by yang bin, secretary of the cpc tongzhou district committee, the 12-person fourth cpc beijing municipal committee reform deepening inspection team led by cui shuqiang, who is the member of the standing committee and secretary general of the cpc beijing municipal committee, also the director of the beijing municipal leading group for comprehensively deepening reform, investigated the bishui underground wwtp project (hereinafter referred to as “bishui project”) invested and constructed by cweg. the focus of investigation was put on the role of wastewater treatment innovation, investment and operation mechanism in deepening the supply-side reform of the urban operations support field. fang yajun, director of the tongzhou district water authority, and li tao, cweg beijing hq general manager, introduced in detail the technical and model innovation of cweg’s bishui project, and its contribution to the improvement of river water quality and surrounding environment. 

     as a key ppp project of the beijing municipal government, the bishui project is located at the core area of tongzhou district and is built on cweg’s fifth generation of proprietary underground wwtp system featuring “eco-friendliness, land intensiveness and resource utilization”. compared to the original wwtp, all the treatment facilities are moved underground, with treatment capacity increased by 80% to 180,000 t/d and land use reduced by 66%. the effluent produced by the bishui project achieves the surface water quality standard class iv and can be used for ecological water replenishment to restore the water environment of beijing’s sub-center tongzhou. further, based on the concept of  “sponge city”, a 56.5 ha. bishui park will be constructed above ground. also, a science education base available to the public and a training base for beijing party members and leaders will be built at the underground wwtp. the bishui project was highly recognized by the inspection team for its wwtp structure.
     at the site, persons in charge of the project briefed the inspection team on the wastewater treatment process of technologically turning dirty and smelly wastewater into clear and odorless high-quality effluent, which won the admiration of cui shuqiang. 

        then, the inspection team investigated the yudai river, and expressed their satisfaction with the significant water quality improvement of the yudai river. they acknowledged the project’s contribution to the improvement of tongzhou’s water environment and encouraged cweg to continue efforts to create a better ecological environment for the people.
    district leaders including zhen yu, director of the tongzhou district development and reform commission, and pei zhigang, director at the tongzhou district environmental protection bureau, participated in the investigation. beijing xintong bishui recycled water co., ltd. deputy general manager shi naibiao, and operation and management department head tang deqiang accompanied the inspection team during the investigation. 
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