on the afternoon of june 7, a delegation headed by lu yan, deputy mayor of beijing, inspected the beijing bishui underground wwtp project (hereinafter referred to as “bishui project”) invested and constructed by cweg. cweg beijing hq general manager li tao fully briefed the delegation on the project’s challenges, technical highlights, and local people involvement. the project has won the great wall cup award for its premium quality.

     as a key ppp project of the government, the bishui project innovatively leverages cweg’s fifth generation of proprietary underground wwtp system and multiple world-leading green and low-carbon technologies to regulate energy consumption and investment per ton of water in an efficient way. according to the project, the original wwtp will be upgraded to a new wwtp with treatment capacity increased by 80% to 180,000 t/d, and all the treatment facilities will be moved underground, saving 213 mu of land and benefiting a population of nearly 700,000 across 46 the effluent produced by the new wwtp achieves the surface water quality standard class ⅳ.
   at the underground wwtp, the delegation learned that the wastewater is processed at the treatment tank using advanced process, and the effluent is very clear. they highly praised the bishui project for its innovative application of cweg’s fifth generation of underground wwtp system, and hoped that the project can contribute more to the energy conservation, emission reduction, water environment management and ecological restoration of beijing’s sub-center tongzhou.
   the delegation also asked carefully about cweg’basic information and the progress of its other ppp projects, including the dali erhai lake water environment management project.
   zhao genwu, deputy secretary-general of the beijing municipal people’s government, jin shudong, head of the beijing municipal water authority, zhang libing, head of tongzhou district, pan anjun, deputy head of the beijing municipal water authority, wang yanshi, deputy head of tongzhou district, fang yajun, director of the tongzhou district water authority, and leaders from other departments participated in the inspection.
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