shortly after the closing of the 12th cpc guizhou provincial congress, a delegation headed by liu wenxin, mayor of guiyang, investigated cweg’s jinyang wwtp project (phase 2) on april 22. guiyang deputy mayors liu yuhai and wei dingmei, and heads of various districts and counties of guiyang, participated in the investigation. gao lin, general manager of cweg guizhou division, accompanied the delegation during the investigation.
    liu wenxin gave positive recognition to the project, and demanded that the construction should be carried out in a safe and civilized manner, while ensuring its quality.
     then, liu wenxin promoted the spirit of the 12th cpc guizhou provincial congress among the frontline staff of cweg and other construction partners, encouraging cweg to forge ahead with water environmental protection. 
     liu also chaired the first meeting of the guiyang comprehensive water environment management project command, and proposed to establish the mechanism of “water environment management with an iron hand”.
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