during nov. 3 to 4, 2016, the national sponge city construction exchange conference 2016 was jointly held by the science and technology and industrialization development center of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development (mohurd) and several enterprises in beijing, attracting more than 100 representatives from the government departments, enterprises and scientific research institutes. cweg vice president fang yong was invited to make a keynote speech. the conference is of great significance to the implementation of the central committee’s sponge city construction instructions, exchange of sponge city construction experience, improvement of sponge city construction technology, and the facilitation of sponge city construction.

   cweg vice president fang yong, who was invited as a guest, delivered a keynote speech and shared cweg’s experience in sponge city construction and ppp-based water environment management, as well as his understanding of the ppp’s technical and model innovation.
   during the session of “ppp investment and financing model salon”, representatives from the governments of pilot sponge cities, private-party enterprises and consulting firms, conduct discussions on the ppp model. in response to the questions from leaders of qian’an city, hebei province, cweg vice president fang yong said, “we are spending a few years doing what foreign countries have done for decades”,“public-private partnership is more like a lifelong marriage, rather than simply a wedding”- showing his expectations for china’s ppp model, and winning the unanimous admiration of guests and attendees.

    during the session of “project experience exchange meeting”, fang yong also introduced cweg’s dali erhai lake water environment management ppp project and guyang nanming river water environment management ppp project to attendees, earning high praise from many local government leaders. 
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