cweg’s fujian zhangzhou water environment management ppp project is one of the third national ppp demonstration projects of the ministry of finance, located in jiaomei town, zhangzhou taiwanese investment zone, fujian province. the investment, construction, operation and maintenance of the project are carried out jointly by cweg and china construction third engineering bureau co., ltd. 
    on nov. 7, 2016, accompanied by cweg southern china division investment director gu song, and zhangzhou division general manager li tangfa, dr zhang jianqi, who is the technical director at the washington dc water authority, professor at university of maryland and consultant of cweg, met with cai zongping, director of the management committee of zhangzhou taiwanese investment zone. 
   after extending a warm welcome to dr zhang jianqi and cweg representatives, cai zongping briefed them on the implementation of the “xiamen-zhangzhou integration” strategy and the investment environment of zhangzhou taiwanese investment zone. dr zhang jianqi made an introduction of cweg in terms of r&d strength, water environment management and international technology exchange, etc. cweg zhangzhou division general manager li tangfa elaborated on the progress of the fujian zhangzhou water environment management ppp project and its future prospects. through amiable communications, the attendees had realized that there is plenty of room for water environment management cooperation between them, and agreed to maintain a close relationship to push the project forward based on the principle of “achieving win-win results through complementarity in strength”. in this way, a beautiful picture of “lucid waters, lush mountains and green banks” can be created in zhangzhou taiwanese investment zone, and the environmental quality of zhangzhou city will also be greatly improved.
   after the meeting, dr zhang jianqi paid a visit to the site of the zhangzhou water environment management ppp project, where he had in-depth technical exchanges with project staff and offered valuable guidance on the project design. 
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