on aug. 15, accompanied by tian yu, president of citic private equity funds management co., ltd (citicpe), and cweg chairman hou feng, a delegation led by deputy finance minister shi yaobin, sun xiaoxia, director general of the finance department of the ministry of finance (mof), jiao xiaoping, deputy director of the china ppp center under the mof, and song yijia, director of the shanghai municipal finance bureau, inspected the shanghai jiading nanxiang underground wwtp undertaken by cweg. at the project site, chairman hou feng reported to the delegation on the implementation of cweg’s ppp projects, and the planning and construction progress of the nanxiang underground wwtp.
     designed to be placed under ground, the nanxiang underground wwtp treats 150,000 tons of wastewater per day, and covers only 1/3 of the area of traditional wwtps. above the wwtp, a wetland park and recreational facilities will be built. hailed as shanghai’s first ppp demonstration project and one of the first ppp demonstration projects of the ministry of finance, the nanxiang underground wwtp sets an example for densely populated areas to build underground wwtps with the advantages of “eco-friendliness, land intensiveness and resource utilization”. its implementation will significantly alleviate water environment pressure brought by rapid economic and social development, improve the quality of urban ecological environment, develop urban ecological space, and reconcile municipal wastewater treatment with land development, thereby harvesting social, economic and ecological benefits in an organic manner.
     deputy finance minister shi yaobin gave the project credit for its construction progress, quality and ppp model, hoping that the project can be built into a national ppp demonstration project of premium quality through the concerted effort of the project owner and partners.
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