on july 14, 2015, the “tsinghua university engineering doctor” summit forum & the 1st thu/soe-cweg symposium on underground wwtp was held in school of environment (soe), tsinghua university (thu). cweg chairman hou feng, who was invited as a representative of engineering doctors of tsinghua university and the forum sponsor, gave an invited talk expounding the role of eco-friendly, land-intensive and resource-saving underground wwtp in comprehensive river watershed management, and shared cweg’s successful practices in this aspect. another 8 experts from chinese scientific research institutes, enterprises, design institutes, and japan also presented special reports on various topics related to the planning, design, construction, operation and business model of underground wwtps. 
     engineering doctors are high-level talents who are cultivated upon the authorization of the state council to meet the major needs of the country. tsinghua university engineering doctors in the fields of energy and environmental protection are mostly industry leaders with a strategic vision, years of practical experience, and deep insight into the pressing environmental problems and the future development direction of the environmental protection industry. the development and construction of wwtps is essential to protect the health of global water environment and the public. the underground wwtp, especially, has gradually attracted attention from the industry as a fresh model with the advantages of low land occupation, little environmental impact, harmony with the surrounding environment, low investment in sewer pipe network and etc. however, technical standards and guidelines for underground wwtps are still lacking. in this context, the school of environment at tsinghua university joined hands with cweg to convene this forum, aiming to bring together environmental experts, scholars and fellow entrepreneurs to study and discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the development and construction of underground wwtp, offer suggestions on the formulation of relevant regulations and policies, and explore new ideas for ecological civilization construction. this forum highlights the extensive industry experience and academic expertise of engineering doctors of tsinghua university, pushing the development of wastewater treatment and ecological civilization construction in china to a new peak. 
 (cweg chairman hou feng, took a photo with professor wang kaijun, professor zuo jiane, professor shi hanchang from the school of environment of tsinghua university, as well as other domestic and foreign industry experts)
  (cweg chairman hou feng had discussions with professor wang kaijun and industry experts)
 (cweg chairman hou feng gave an invited talk)
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