on august 4, the 18th annual meeting of china water & wastewater and the summit forum on safety control and comprehensive improvement of water environment was held, at which the winners of the "jiutong cup" technology innovation awards in 2021 were announced. cweg’s patent of invention — the multi-level a/0 technique aeration control system based on the feedback of ammoniacal nitrogen and dissolved oxygen (zl201710786181.9), was awarded the grand prize.

it is reported that multiple rounds of reviews were conducted in terms of patents’creativity and applicability. eventually, there are 18 winning projects,including one grand prize, three first prizes, five second prizes, and nine third prizes.

this technique has been applied in many projects with satisfactory results, such as bishui underground wwtp in the subcenter of beijing and nanxiang underground wwtp in shanghai jiading district. the patent has realized the automatic control of aeration volume using multi-level step-feed ao process, ensuring the effluent quality of the biochemical system and reducing power consumption, further promoting the green development of china's sewage treatment industry.

in recent years, with the support of national science and technology projects such as the "13th five-year plan" water special project and the "14th five-year plan" key research and development plan, china water environment group has carried out a series of engineering practices around the land conservation, energy conservation and resource utilization of the durwecosystem, and further developing hybrid biological reactor (hbr),dhs intelligent control system and other technical equipment. the group will continue to promote the development of intelligent operation to better china's reclaimed water plants.

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