on february 9, 2022,beijing’ssub-center paperreportedchina water environmentgroup(cweg)bishui underground wwtp in anarticletitled“bishui underground wwtp provides high-quality reclaimed water for beijing’s sub-center”. under theecological civilizationstrategy proposed by general secretary xi jinping,cwegupgraded the originalbishuiwwtp by moving it underground without shutdown, and newly built tworeclaimedwater plants at hedong and zhangjiawan.this creativepractice, which challenged the traditional centralized wastewater treatment model widelyadoptedworldwide, turns wastewater into the second water source for cities, with reuse rate reaching 100%.the upgrading also came with some supporting facilities—theurban resource center,green energy center,public serviceandproduct supply center, comprehensive space utilization center,anddigital management center, settingan example oflow-carbon high-quality developmentforthe sub-center.

fronttheoutlet, clear claimed water flows into the yudai river, creating white splashes and a home to creaturesin theriver. where does the water come from?it’s from the bishui underground wwtp located two km away.the wwtp reclaims84%of the sub-center’s wastewater, and then supplies reclaimed water tofacilitieslike thecentral green forest park,universal beijing resort, yudai river, and hebei sanhe power plant, while meeting the landscape watering and streetcleaningneeds of tongzhou.

located at thelower reachesof several rivers, tongzhou assumes more burden in wastewater treatment. according to zhao yuan,deputy director ofthedrainagemanagementcenter of water affairs bureau of tongzhou district, in the past five years, bishui wwtp played an important role in promoting the high-quality development of tongzhou.under the previous two three-year action programs,tongzhou recordedimpressiveperformancein comprehensive river governance, wastewatermanagement,storm drainage systemimprovement, and water landscape creation, creating a morehabitablesub-center relying onabundantwater resource.

bishui underground wwtp reclaims 84% of the sub-center’s waste water, and supplements rivers with reclaimed water

2022 is an important yeartoimplement the 14th five-year plan, andtospeed up the growth ofcweg. believingthat “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, cweg will assume its socialresponsibility as a centrally-administeredstate-owned enterpriseas always. this includes using tongzhou wwtp as an ecosystem education base and eco-friendly facility demonstration base, to promote green practices like water environmental governance,water recycling, and low-carbon operations, benefiting people through water governance.

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