held by the peking university ppp center in beijing. china water environment group (cweg) chairman hou feng, who was invited to attend the event as a ppp environmental expert, delivered a keynote speech. during the conference, he was interviewed by cctv china business news, and expressed his opinions about ppp project quality control and ppp regulations in the field of infrastructure and public services. 
  hou said, “ppp regulations will help make sure that china’s ppp projects are carried out in a sound and regulated manner. the ppp industry aims to provide long-term services with stable cash flow, which requires enterprises to focus on service quality, rather than quick and high returns.  the environmental protection industry, particularly, should give priority to service quality control.” at present, a set of strict policies imposing high standards have been introduced at the national level. however, the fact is that only a few enterprises can really incorporate integrated planning, process optimization, cost control, and stable and qualified performance into the entire period of ppp projects. 
  hou said that through practice, cweg had realized that first, the quality of a ppp project, and of relevant services provided in the following decades, can only be ensured by the joint efforts of the government, people and enterprises who should take their own responsibilities seriously; second, the ppp model leaves professional fields to experts, which maximizes the value for money, and benefits the society and people; and third, the ppp model should be used correctly so that it can really promote the supply-side structural reform as an indispensable and powerful instrument. 

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