on nov. 28, the kick-off meeting of thesino-german centre for water and health research (watch) initiated by cweg andco-built by rwth-aachen university successfully opened in beijing. professorskai reimers, yao gang and dr. elmar dorgeloh of rwth-aachen university, cwegvice president shao yanqing, and dr. pang hongtao, deputy general manager ofbeijing technology r&d center under cweg, were in attendance.

    thewatch is one of the first international science and technology cooperationprojects funded by the beijing municipal science and technology commission, andthe only international joint laboratory with water as the theme. at thekick-off meeting, shao yanqing extended warm welcome and appreciation to germanrepresentatives. according to shao, cweg has all long placed a high value onthe innovation and r&d of water treatment technology andindustry-university-research cooperation with the aim of building its corecompetitiveness. he hoped that the parties can step up collaboration to buildthe watch into a world-class joint laboratory in the field of waterenvironment.

   speaking on behalf of the german party,professor kai reimers expressed his congratulation and appreciation on thelaunch of this sino-german joint laboratory, and said he was honored to workwith cweg to explore and innovate water environment management technology. healso hoped that in the future, the parties can continuously promote laboratoryconstruction, industrial transformation and application leveraging cweg’soutstanding r&d and innovation strength, in an effort to build thelaboratory into a high-level transnational industry-university-researchinstitution integrating education, research with economic production.

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