on november 1 and 2, ruan chengfa, deputy secretary of the cpc yunnan provincial committee and governor of yunnan, inspected the water environment management of the erhai lake in dali bai autonomous prefecture, and held an on-site meeting. he stressed that dali should, in line with the “four awareness”, “four confidence” and “two maintenance”, implement the instructions of general secretary regarding the protection of the erhai lake, to win the battle against pollution relying on enhanced political stance and a strong sense of responsibility.  
   this is the fourth on-site investigation conducted by ruan chengfa since he served as the provincial lake chief of the erhai lake. at longwangmiao gully, he checked the ecological restoration of non-coal mines. at ta village in haidong town, and erbin village in xiaguan town, he inspected “three ecological lines” delimitation, ecological relocation & resettlement, lake & wetland renovation, and collection of “four types of wastewater”. at wase town wwtp, he inspected rural wastewater collection. at qingbi river in dali town, he checked the prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution, and said that the results of ecological demolition should be consolidated through creating green corridors and shelter forests, so as to create a better environment for relocated residents. at the construction sites of the haidong new district and dali-nanjian expressway, he inspected the planning and construction of the new district, population and industry transfer, and water circulation system construction. at shuanglang town, he randomly investigated the wastewater collection and treatment of shops and hotels, and said that priority should always be given to the protection and management of the erhai lake in the course of promoting social and economic development. 
   at the dali erhai lake protection and management on-site meeting, ruan chengfa conveyed the important instructions of general secretary xi jinping on the protection of the erhai lake, listened to reports on the protection and management of the erhai lake, and discussed with officials of dali prefecture and relevant provincial departments, and relevant experts about strategies regarding the protection and management of the erhai lake. he pointed out that although protection and management of the erhai lake has achieved some results, to meet the requirements of the general secretary and the cpc central committee, there is still a long way to go. “we should enhance political stance, think in big-picture terms, and have the sense of discipline and responsibility. also, we should take measures to promote green development, establish rigorous and practical style of work, strictly enforce laws regarding erhai lake management, put into practice the river chief mechanism, and expand the involvement of the public in the management of the erhai lake.”
   yuan chengfa stressed that first, dali should study and understand the spirits of the important instructions of general secretary xi jinping, enhance political stance, increase the sense of urgency, and assume political and historical responsibilities for protecting the erhai lake, in a bid to win the battle against pollution. second, dali should seriously analyze its weakness in doing and thinking, and overcome such weakness with determination, which is a significant step for the protection and management of the erhai lake. specifically, dali should realize that it is wrong to “protect the erhai lake for the lake”- it is for the social and economic development of the whole dali; it is wrong to “develop local economy around the lake”- eco-friendly high-quality economic development is the future of dali; it is wrong to “truce after interception around the lake”- dali should be ready to fight a long-term battle against pollution; it is wrong to “focus on lakeside areas and slow down the management of drainage watersheds and mines”- comprehensive measures covering interception, “three ecological lines” delimitation, comprehensive management around the lake, and comprehensive management of drainage watersheds should be taken; it is wrong to “only solve urgent problems”- the top-level system design should be optimized to deal with the relationship between short-term goals and long-term goals; and it is wrong to “think that protecting the erhai lake is the responsibility of dali city”- it is the responsibility of the whole prefecture. third, dali should be determined to win eight battles against pollution, for the protection and management of the erhai lake.  specifically, measures should be taken to win the “interception battle”, completely separating the lake from wastewater; to win the “ecological relocation battle”, returning land to the lake; to win the “mining management battle”, making the resurgence of closed mines impossible; to win the “agricultural non-point source pollution control battle”, reducing the use of water, pesticides and fertilizers; to win the “river management battle”, making sure that clean water flows into the erhai lake; to win the “lakeside ecological restoration battle”, protecting and maintaining a healthy lakeside ecosystem; to win the “water quality improvement battle”, making sure that large-area water quality deterioration will not occur again; and to win the “overdevelopment control battle”, eradicating disorder development.
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