a string of interconnected parks along the jingang river

     stretching near cangshan wanda plaza, jingang river was known for being “black and smelly”. on august 30, as the watercourse at the end of the jingang park was excavated, the jingang river successfully “held hands” with the yangqia river and taiyu river, finally finding its way out. jingang river renovation project is one of the second batch of “inch-by-inch river protection inspection” demonstration projects approved by the cpc fuzhou municipal committee and fuzhou municipal people’s government in the cangshan jinshan olympic sports center area. the construction time is very tight. in line with the principle of “comprehensive, thorough, systematic, ecological, and sponge-style management”, measures have been taken to bring clean water and beautiful bank landscape to the jingang river in the middle of this month.  
  finding the way out
      jingang river flows 1,772 m from yangqia river in the north to taiyu river in the south, but actually, only the 580 m section from yangqia river to pushang avenue has been built as planned, and the 1192 m from pushang avenue to taiyu river remained unfinished. like many dead-end rivers, the jingang river has been afflicted with the “diseases ” of stagnant water, siltation, and direct discharge of wastewater for many years. 
  “last year, we did endogenous dredging, comprehensive interception, and garbage disposal,” nie chao, river chief of jingang river in the jinshan olympic sports center area, told the reporter. 
  aside from renovating the existing section, cweg also sped up the excavation of the remaining section of the jingang river. at the beginning of august, as a part of the “inch-by-inch river protection inspection” campaign, the excavation started. over 200 workers and managers worked day and night, despite the rain which came from time to time.  
  on august 30, as the jingang park section was excavated, the jingang river was finally connected with the yangqia river and taiyu river. 

  green transformation of the jingang river
      “it is different, right?” on the afternoon of september 3, chen yanchun, leader of the “inch-by-inch river protection inspection” campaign party member commando, was interviewed by the reporter by the jingang river next to the third phase of lianjian xinyuan residential community. unlike what the reporter saw during the previous interview, this section had transformed into a 285 m long new watercourse, with weeping willow trees on the banks and newly built permeable footpaths. 
  the same stunning scene also appeared in the river section of jingyuan residential community on jingang road. beautiful sloping ecological revetments extend along the banks. workers were busy in the ecological revetments, where aquatic plants such as thalia dealbata, iris, and yellow flag were thriving, so were cannas. footpaths stretch along the banks to a small square, on which some people were strolling. 
  landscaping is a part of the jingang river renovation. the reporter learned that trees planted along the river are mainly willow trees and camphor trees, and flowering trees mainly include jacaranda trees, golden trumpet trees, and sophora xanthantha trees. the 2 m wide footpaths stretch along the river, stringing waterside platforms, stone benches, and node plazas which maximize the beautiful riverfront space for the public. 

  new watercourse will debut at the end of this month. 
     the jingang river originally had no surface water inflow - its water mainly came from groundwater and the yangqia river. to increase its volume and velocity, water will be supplemented from two sources. one source, according to nie chao, is its “neighbor” yangqia river, which flows into the jingang river when it swells. the other source is a distributed wwtp to be built near the jingang river. qualified effluent will be discharged into the jingang river at 5,000 m3 per day. 
  propelled by the “inch-by-inch river protection inspection” campaign, renovation of the jingang river has been accelerated. at present, the interception system and revetments have been built, and 90% of the remaining work, including railings, footpaths, and landscape upgrading, has been done. the pile foundation of the distributed wwtp has been built. “in addition to the wwtp, the renovation is scheduled to be done by september 30. we will try to move the date forward to september 15, so that people can enjoy the beauty of the new jingang river earlier,” nie chao said.

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