on may 12, 2017, cweg and the asian development bank (adb) signed a $250 million loan and technical assistance agreement to help improve the quality of water environment in central and western china using the ppp model. cweg chairman hou feng, cweg vice president & cfo li guoshan, adb’s beijing office chief representative benedict bingham, and hisaka kimura, head at the east asia unit of adb’s private sector operations department, as well as citicpe manager bai jin witnessed the signing ceremony. 
the agreement aims to improve the quality of water environment in central and western china by building wwtps and wastewater treatment facilities with capacity expected to reach 2.3 million t/d of wastewater and 29 million t/d of sludge by 2024.

at the signing ceremony, hou feng pointed out that cweg has brought two major changes to china""s water environment management industry. “first, to break the status quo of overlapping and unclarified water management, we’ve put forward an integrated and systematic solution for regional watershed management which is aimed at improving the surface water quality and ecosystem, rather than simply upgrading wwtps. and we hold ourselves accountable for the results. abandoning the previous practice of ‘large-scale wastewater interception by building box culverts’, our guiyang nanming river project represents china’s first success in comprehensive management of urban inland rivers, helping restore the nanming river ecosystem based on the principle of ‘moderate concentration, on-site treatment, and local recycling’. the project saves the government rmb 1.1 billion of investment, rmb 30 million of operating costs annually, and shortens the construction time by 12 months. second, we’ve launched an underground wwtp system featuring “eco-friendliness, land intensiveness and resource utilization” to resolve problems confronting traditional wwtps, such as odor and noise pollution that plagues neighboring residents, high land occupation, and negative impacts on the city environment and the development of surrounding industries. on one hand, the effluent produced by traditional wwtp is of low quality and cannot be reused efficiently. on the other hand, demolition and relocation of the original wwtps is not only costly but cannot solve pollution issues fundamentally. fortunately, our underground wwtp system provides the solution,” hou explained. so far cweg has launched a series of water environment management projects, including the dali erhai lake water environment management project and sichuan guang’an “clean water action” regional water environment management project, which are of great significance to protecting the upper and middle reaches of the yangtze river watershed. 

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according to benedict bingham, chief representative at adb’s beijing office, cweg stands out from industry peers for its innovative approach of integrated water environment management, regulated operations management, and its ability to conduct professional trainings and overall planning of water resources with a global vision. it is such a promising and influential partner that sets a good example for both china and other member states of the adb.
   “the partnership between adb and cweg perfectly reflects the benefits of public-private partnership (ppp), and it is the first attempt of adb’s private sector operations department to support such projects,” said hisaka kimura, head at the east asia unit of adb’s private sector operations department.  
   according to cweg chairman hou feng, cweg attaches great importance to model, technology and management innovations, and the adb has abundant project experience. the partnership between the two entities will not only provide financial support for cweg, but also help cweg advance its technology, management and social security to an international level. in the future, cweg will, relying on the belt & road initiative, promote its advanced technology, model and successful experience worldwide, in a bid to continuously improve the quality of water environment for humans.

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