xinhua news agency, bishui wwtp, the largest wwtp in beijing’s sub-center, has been upgraded and entered into trial operation. this is a fully enclosed underground wwtp with an increased capacity of 180,000 t/d from 100,000 t/d. 

     bishui wwtp treats 84% of domestic wastewater produced by tongzhou. shao chungang, head of the water supply and wastewater section of tongzhou district water authority said, “we divided the original plant into two parts, one for renovation, and the other keeps working. some temporary treatment stations have been built around the urban area, to ensure that wastewater will not be discharged directly into rivers during the renovation. 

     to reduce effects on people living around, the treatment facilities are all built underground. in addition to increasing capacity and improving effluent quality, the new plant will also completely solve the odor and noise problems that plague surrounding residents. recycled water will be used for greenbelt irrigation, river water replenishment, and other reuse purposes, to achieve the recycling of water. 

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