xu feipeng, fang fang, beijing daily news. a few days ago, the political bureau of the cpc central committee held a meeting to discuss the construction of a sub-center of beijing, and the next step to promote the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei region. at the “two studies, one action” massed learning meeting, municipal leaders delved into the spirits of the meeting. yesterday, guo jinlong, party secretary of beijing, had a full-day investigation tour in tongzhou district. he stressed that the construction of the sub-center is an unavoidable historical outcome and a realistic choice of beijing in the course of development. it also reflects the central government’s ardent expectations on beijing. “to seize this historical opportunity, we must thoroughly study and implement the important spirits of the central political bureau meeting on planning and building the beijing’s sub-center. we should be full of passion and confidence, and work hard to implement the task, turning the sub-center into a benchmark and a historical model.  

      the whole tongzhou district is busy with construction, including a new cbd. guo jinlong and wang anshun paid a visit to tongzhou. science and technology provide strong support for the construction of the municipal comprehensive supporting service center in the central area. pneumatic garbage collection system enables the cbd say “goodbye” to garbage bins - garbage is transported to the collection center by negative pressure airflow, effectively preventing secondary pollution; the intelligent three-dimensional garage makes full use of the underground space; the underground tunnel monitoring system fully monitors the operational status of underground municipal facilities. guo jinlong fully affirmed the achievements of tongzhou. he said that the political bureau meeting clearly stated that efforts should be made to design and build a sub-center with chinese characteristics and a high international prestige from a global perspective, in accordance with international standards, and in the spirit of creating history and pursuing art. in the new coordinate system, we should build a cbd highlighting the sub-center according to new requirements. 

     bishui wwtp is the largest wwtp in tongzhou, only 2.2 km away from the core area of the sub-center. it is now undergoing upgrading. the renovated enclosed underground wwtp has a much higher processing capacity, saves over 210 mu (roughly 14.1 ha.) of land, and provides the public with a water ecological complex integrating ecological landscape and science education. guo jinlong carefully checked the progress of the project and asked in detail what advanced technologies are adopted, and how the sludge and waste gas are treated. guo highly praised the project, saying that it is great because standard wastewater treatment is continuously ensured during renovation. after leaving the plant, guo inspected the construction of the tongzhou campus of the high school affiliated to rennin university of china, and preparations for the planning and construction of the beijing administration area. he also listened to reports on demolition preparations for the chengdu shantytown renovation project (phase ii). 

      in the afternoon, guo hosted a symposium. tongzhou district, beijing municipal development and reform commission, beijing municipal commission of city planning, and tongzhou sub-center construction office reported their work at the meeting. departments involved in the sub-center project thoroughly studied the important spirits of the political bureau meeting on planning and building the sub-center, and had a heated discussion about how to accelerate the construction of the sub-center in accordance with high quality and design standards.  

     guo jinlong stressed in his speech that the construction of the sub-center is of great and far-reaching significance for promoting the formation of a new frame for beijing’s urban development, for achieving better sustainable development, and particularly for promoting the coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, and exploring an optimal development model for densely populated areas. “everyone involved in the sub-center project should carefully study and implement the important spirits of the central political bureau meeting on planning and constructing the sub-center of beijing. tongzhou is fighting on the front line, and we should definitely be proud of it. let’s make the sub-center a benchmark and a historical model,” guo said. 

     guo jinlong stated that relevant departments should speed up their work. specifically, a detailed control plan should be developed as soon as possible based on an exhaustive and complete research across the 155 of project site. the design and construction plans of the administration starting area should be optimized as soon as possible, so as to lay a solid foundation for the relocation of municipal departments at the end of next year. the project plan shall play the role of guiding and control, and all possibilities that may occur during project construction shall be included in plan. in line with the principle of ecosystem and public service first, more efforts should be made to control air and water pollution as a key part of environmental protection. in terms of air management, tongzhou’s law enforcement authority should take strict and practical enforcement measures, give timely and accurate warnings, and mobilize the public to take part in water environment management. tongzhou is known for a large number of rivers and canals, and abundant water resources. these advantages should be highlighted. premium service resources should be transferred from downtown beijing to the sub-center to increase its carrying capacity, so that more downtown functions can be attracted to the sub-center. 

     guo jinlong indicated that the public are full of expectations for the sub-center. guo said, “the expectations of the public are our goals. we should always put people first. relying on the mass line in the new situation, we should satisfy the real needs of the people more concretely, and vigorously mobilize the people to support and participate in the construction of the sub-center, so that they will have a more direct sense of gain for the sub-center. we should also incorporate ‘two studies, one action’ into the construction of the sub-center, to arouse the enthusiasm of party members working on the frontline, encouraging them to play an exemplary and vanguard role. what’s more, it""s also important to actively promote the sub-center while strengthening guidance on public opinion, so as to create a positive atmosphere that promotes the construction of the sub-center.” 

     after the symposium, the municipal leaders made their tour back to the downtown by subway line 6, and investigated the planning and construction of the line on their way back. 

     municipal leaders li shixiang, chen gang, li wei, zhang gong, and secretary general of municipal government li wei participated in the tour. 

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