onmarch 1, cweg chairman hou feng and vice president fang yong, on behalf ofcweg, met with hdr’s top management team comprised of hdr’s water resourcesmarket sector general manager richard haimann, project manager james wang, andmain leaders of hdr’s minnesota division in minneapolis, minnesota, usa. hdr isa global industrial, environmental, architectural, transportation, engineeringand consulting firm based in the us, with its environmental management andconsulting business ranking among the top three in north america. hdr has 200offices worldwide and employs about 8,500 professionals.

    the two parties had a series of in-depthdiscussions on topics that interest both of them such as integrated waterenvironment management, sponge city construction (best management practicesabbreviated as bmp and low impact development abbreviated as lid). cwegchairman hou feng introduced the ppp-based river basin water environmentmanagement projects implemented by cweg to the hdr team, including the guiyangnanming river water environment management project, the dali erhai lake waterenvironment management project and the guang’an “clean water action” regionalwater environment management project, which were highly admired by the hdrteam. in turn, the hdr team briefed cweg representatives about the us’s riverbasin management system centered on tmdl (total maximum daily load) andnational pollutant discharge elimination system (npdes), and bmp &lid-based rainwater management and utilization technology system, saying thatthe us’s practices in ppp-based environmental management lags far behind china.chairman hou feng highly commended the us’s advanced concept and technology inthis field, and strongly agreed with hdr’s work method that emphasizes on elaborateproject investigation, assessment and planning before the construction andlong-term delicacy management after the construction. then, the two partiessigned a strategic cooperation framework agreement on river basin integratedwater environment management and rainwater management in good faith, whichfurthered their partnership.

cwegchairman hou feng and vice president fang yong met with hdr’s top managementteam

cweg chairman hou feng had exchanges anddiscussions with hdr’s top management team

    thehdr team led cweg representatives to the lake superior (one of the great lakes)and mississippi headwaters to learn about the progress of environmentalprotection
cwegchairman hou feng visited the mississippi river to learn about the progress ofenvironmental protection
   duringhis visit, chairman hou feng also had fruitful exchanges with dr. bo li,project manager of washington state department of ecology, dr. she nian,professor of shenzhen university, consultants from the us-based companyherrera, international experts in the field of low impact development, andother environmental specialists in america. he hoped to deepen cooperation withleading environmental companies in the us to take cweg’s watershed managementtechnology and management capabilities to a higher level.

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