august 22, 2015, 09:15:27  source: zhejiang daily; written by: zhou zhimin, shi jianlan, weng junfei

  editor’s note: taking wastewater treatment as an opportunity, zhuji city innovativley involves private participants and their advanced technologies and concepts into environmental protection, promoting economic transformation.

    zhejiang daily, august 22: zhuji first wwtp was quite busy over the past few days: eight noisy fans were replaced with air levitation fans which generate less noise, and save about 30% of electricity; a deodorization equipment was installed at the wastewater inlet; and at the outlet, old ultraviolet disinfection equipment was upgraded to state-of-the-art one.  

  all these were done by cweg, the environmental protection subsidiary of citic.  in june this year, cweg acquired zhuji first wwtp. right after the takeover, cweg invested rmb 10 million to transform the plant into an industry landmark in eastern china.  

  according to the head of zhuji wastewater treatment office, since last year, zhuji has done a lot of work in wastewater interception. large quantities of wastewater were diverted into wwtps, and over 90% of the urban area was covered by sewer pipe networks. in such a context, a large number of first-rate environmental companies have been attracted by its promising rural wastewater treatment market.  “it can be said that ‘management of five waters’ has become a new engine that promotes effective investment in zhuji,” the person in charge at the zhuji municipal government told reporters. 

  in the process of attracting private capital to wastewater treatment, zhuji actively explored approaches to further reform the investment and financing system, and took the lead in adopting the “ppp” model in building and operating wwtps across zhejiang. recently, zhuji water resources group co.,ltd. (zwr) and beijing originwater technology co., ltd. (bow) jointly founded huandong wwtp. bow is responsible for most of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the plant, and in return, it reasonably charges “user fees” and other necessary fees paid by the government. 

  at the same time, zhuji encourages local environmental companies to seize opportunities to accelerate industrial upgrading, for a bigger and stronger environmental protection industry.  recently, zhejiang ronghuai environmental technology co., ltd. upgraded the wwtps at fengqiao town, shanxiahu town, and several other towns to meet higher effluent standards. in these projects, a newly developed microbial agent was applied to improve effluent quality. zhuji also worked with zhejiang dongda environmental engineering co., ltd. and zeda water, to incorporate advanced nano aeration technology into the restoration of key rivers.  

  seizing opportunities brought by the “management of five waters”, environmental equipment manufacturers in zhuji ushered in a new round of development. shangda environmental equipment co., ltd. upgraded rural wastewater(wastewater) treatment equipment, and its third-generation products have been recently put into production in zhuji. the membrane material and equipment r&d base project invested by bow has also been launched in zhuji.

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